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$30 from every pack sold will be donated

Purchase the Ewok’s 6 pack comprising of some of Steels Gates award winning wines and help us hit our goal of $5000 for Mange Management.


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Ewok's Pack

Blanc De Blanc

Our cool, sheltered vineyard with its 40+ year old dry-grown vines coped extremely well, giving us an amazing sparkling that displays a crisp dry, creamy textured, fine-bead & lingering beeswax finish.


Our 2019 Chardonnay is reflective of the hot and dry season. A more textural wine compared to the previous year, displays notes of tropical fruits and melon. Not overpowered by oak and influenced by partial-malolactic fermentation. This Chardonnay has potential to cellar for 10+ years and is best enjoyed at 7-10 degrees celcius


2020 was a very cool and wet year – perfect for Riesling! Fresh and lively; Stone fruits, lime and citrus notes with a fresh clean finish. Pairs perfectly with oysters.

Pinot Noir

This wine demonstrates a vibrant nose of black cherries and strawberries,. The palate is delicate and fine with an exotic array of red and black fruits intermixed. This Pinot Noir has elegance, power and finesse. The red fruit complexity from the Melba Block helps to balance out the earthiness from the Home Block fruit.

Cab Sav

This wine is all about the subtle tannins. Beautiful bell pepper on the nose, full mid-palate of blackberry and mulberry, smooth tannins and medium body with a hint of mocha to finish.

Steels Gate 2018 Melba Block Shiraz


Excellent cool climate Shiraz in a Syrah style with dusty tannins and a savoury finish. Beautiful floral violet aromas, cassius, red plum. Very fresh on the palate, balanced and delicious blend of dark cherries, blackberry fruit with toasty oak and a touch of spice.


Living on 82 acres of land and being fully surrounded by King Lake National Park, we are blessed by the number of native Australian animals we get to cohabitate with. One particularly special animal is the wombat, on a recent spotlighting one night we found 5 wombats grazing across 5 acres of our back yard and vineyard.

Being mostly nocturnal animals, it’s rare to see wombats out during daylight hours, but in mid July we started getting a young wombat visit us every day.

He/she was super cute and from face on looked like an Ewok from Star Wars, so our son Sebastian quickly named it Ewok. Coming out in daylight generally means there is something wrong and sure enough with a few days we noticed some scabs and sores on its body. Having come across this before on a wombat we quickly realised Ewok was suffering from Mange. Mange is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites and a threat to our beloved wombats if untreated.


Close up of Ewok
Ewok the Wambat

Since it is extremely itchy the wombat uses its very sharp claws or a tree trunk to scratch itself, often resulting in open wounds that can become infected and cause more suffering and death.


Through the help of mange management, a group of volunteers, we secured a manage treatment kit and got straight into treating Ewok. After 4 weeks of treatment we are seeing majority of scabs have dropped off and new hair is starting to grow back on Ewok’s side. Although we love seeing Ewok everyday, with a few more treatments we hope to not see them again, which means the treatment has worked and Ewok has returned to night time feeding as a healthy wombat.


We came to within 1m of Ewok before being growled at.

Our Kelpie Pippin usually politely asks wombats to depart our property when she comes across them, but Ewok has told her otherwise and so Pippin leaves Ewok to eat happily alone.

Ewok has taken residence inside our dog kennel when tired between daytime feeding.

Ewok hates storms as much as many people and pets!

EWOK'S PACK - $225

$30 form every pack sold going to the Manage Management Group

Thank you to all that have purchased an Ewok’s Pack so far. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  If you would like to contribute to the Mange Management Group and enjoy wine, please consider the Ewok’s Pack. You won’t be disappointed!