Army of Mini Wombats


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Weight 3 kg
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Baby Blue, Blueberry, Burnt Orange, Desert Sunset, Pink, Plum, Sky Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Velvet Red


10 mini wombats individually signed and created by the talented Hone Rhind @hwjcreative 20% of all mini wombats sold goes directly towards supporting ‘Mange Management’   Living on 82 acres of land and being fully surrounded by King Lake National Park, we are blessed by the number of native Australian animals we get to cohabitate with. One particularly special animal is the wombat, on a recent spotlighting one night we found 5 wombats grazing across 5 acres of our back yard and vineyard. Being mostly nocturnal animals, it’s rare to see wombats out during daylight hours, but in mid July we started getting a young wombat visit us every day.
He/she was super cute and from face on looked like an Ewok from Star Wars, so our son Sebastian quickly named it Ewok. Coming out in daylight generally means there is something wrong and sure enough with a few days we noticed some scabs and sores on its body. Having come across this before on a wombat we quickly realised Ewok was suffering from Mange. Mange is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites and a threat to our beloved wombats if untreated.
Steels Gate Home Block Vineyard
Situated at 230m above sea level was planted in the late 1970’s on an undulating slope on friable grey loam soils. Completely non irrigated and hand nurtured, surrounded by National Park. The vines are cared for by hand and the grapes carefully hand picked at the perfect harvest time. This 6+ acres comprises of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.
Steels Gate Melba Block Vineyard
Situated at 150m above sea level was planted in the early 1980s. Similar to the Homeblock, the Melba vines are all cared for by hand, 100% cane pruned to ensure best quality fruit is grown and hand harvested.
Nagambie Vineyard
Nagambie Vineyard is a partnership with a family estate located in the picturesque Nagambie region. Still cool climate, this region produces lovely medium bodies reds and some lovely Rieslings and other similar white varieties.
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